Meets every last Wednesday of the month at 5pm pst. 

*Date may change depending on holidays. please follow us on instagram @nalgonapositivitypride for updates.

Sage and Spoon was created to support black, indigenous, people of color (bipoc) struggling with body-image and disordered eating. This group was formed due to the great necessity for people of color and indigenous people to have a safe space to relate with one another and feel supported. We believe that medicine can be made in community and in storytelling.   

who can join?

bipoc folks older than 18 years old

folks of all gender identities 

What does the meeting consist of?

people join virtually via zoom a cloud based video conferencing program. People who participate have the option to log in via their phones, tablet, or laptop and use or not use their camera. meeting host welcomes participants and gives an overview of the support group. then there is a group reading, reflection discussion, and in some meetings there is open sharing. 


What are the guidelines for the support group??

1.Please avoid stating specific numbers. For instance, “I burned blank amount of calories” instead say, I burned a lot of calories.”


2. All information shared at this meeting stays here. Confidentiality is key for healing. 


3. Please speak from your own personal experience and do not generalize other people’s experiences or identities. 


4. Please ask people what their pronouns are before referring to them inside or outside of the meeting.


5. If you would like to offer some feedback about the group, please participate in our online feedback survey


6. Please refrain from describing people’s bodies into things or shapes. Body shaming and food shaming are not allowed in this space. 


7. This support group is not a diet or exercise club. People are welcome to speak about their relation to diets and exercise but please keep the space free from diet and or exercise recommendations to others. 


8. Keep sharing in a timely matter. Sharing is open to all reflections and we encourage members to speak about their successes in healing. 


9. Please be compassionate and mindful that we may all be in different places in our journeys. Each journey is unique.


10. Please be in a private room during meeting or use headset during meeting in order to respect people’s privacy. 


11. Please mute your mic during meeting to prevent feedback noise. 

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