Nalgona Positivity Pride (NPP) is an in-community eating disorders and body-positive organization dedicated in creating visibility and resources for Black, Indigenous, communities of color (BICC.) Since 2016, NPP has been raising awareness around the specific needs of BICC through digital media, education, grassroots eating disorders treatment models, and art. Rooted in Xicana indigenous feminism and DIY punx praxis, NPP emerged out of a great need not only to shed light on the experiences and barriers that exist in BICC affected by body-image and troubled eating but to create opportunities of healing by and for BICC. 

"We have been left with no other option but to create our own opportunities of representation and healing." 

Upcoming Events
The Link: Historical Trauma, Genocide, and Eating Disorders
Thu, Jul 23
Online Panel
Jul 23, 4:30 PM PDT
Online Panel
An online panel discussion on inherited trauma and it's effect on self-esteem, body-image, and food.
Webinar: What Mama Didn't Tell Us About Body Love & Eating Disorders
Thu, Jul 30
Jul 30, 5:30 PM PDT
What is your mother's story with food and body image? How did that impact you?

"beyond the historical trauma & all the harm, our resiliency is the strongest."