Upcoming Events
Fri, Jun 05
Decolonial Study Group with Leah from Crystals of Altamira
Thu, Jun 18
Self-Care During The Storm: Eating Disorders Harm Reduction Practices Webinar (1)
What if there was a compassionate model of harm reduction that is not judgmental and inclusive to everyone's journey? Join Gloria as she adopts harm reduction models for eating disorders.
Thu, Jun 25
Location is TBD
Webinar Seeking Ancestral Support For Eating Disorders
Gloria shares what she calls her, "imperfect spirituality" practices to seek support and guidance from ancestors.
Thu, Jul 09
Historical Trauma and Eating Disorders: What's The Connection Webinar
Learn about historical trauma and it's effects on BIPOC communities.
Thu, May 21
Coyolxauhqui and The Modern Fragmented Cihuatl (Muxer): Colonialism, Eating Disorders, and Celebrating Perseverance
Merging hidden indigenous knowledge with eating disorder healing practices, participants will learn the story of Coyolxauhqui-known as the Mexica moon goddess-and how she symbolizes current IIDW’s fragmented relationship with food and body.