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1. We cannot guarantee a safe space 100% of the time but follow the saying, “What is said in the group stays in the group!” 


2. No numbers talk here about food, calories, body size, clothing size, exercise, etc. For instance, if you ate cake today, say “I ate a lot of cake.” Numbers can bring up uneasy feelings for people dealing with eating disorders.


3. Speak from your own way of living and do not compare yourself to other people’s way of living or identities. 


4. I agree to honor and use people’s correct gender identity/expression. Please don’t assume someone’s gender identity/expression by their looks; Sage & Spoon is a space where all people can develop the habit of asking others’ correct gender identity/expression. If you don’t know or don’t remember, it is always best to ask. 


5. Meetings will be free of diet, body size and exercise talk. We will NOT food or body shame anyone in this space. All foods have a place in our meals and snacks. 


6. Sharing is not a must but we invite folks to be open and share. Meetings are much more powerful when this happens. Speaking of sharing.! You may want to share some services or products you have tried BUT please do not do this in the meeting.


7. Be kind and aware that we may be in different places in our journeys. We all have a lot to “unpack” when it comes to food, exercise, or just life stuff so be kind if someone says something that makes you feel uneasy. Let’s be civil while we are growing.

8. We invite all members to challenge thoughts and language about fatness and health.  Anti-fat talk is not accepted in this safe space. Try not to use the “O words” aka obesity, obese, and overweight.

9. This is a support group NOT a clinical therapy group! If you feel you need more expert help, reach out to one of the co-learners. However, if you are experiencing a crisis and/or suicide ideation please contact  as a preventative service for resources. Wellbeing visits do involve police presence.  


11. If you are hungry, PLEASE feel free to eat. Mute yourself and then rejoin when you are ready.


12. We will put a trigger warning in the chat box and say it out loud before talking about topics that may be sensitive. You may “leave” the group temporarily by turning off your camera and speaker. We will put a message in the chatbox to let you know when we have finished talking about the sensitive topic.

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