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Why Mujeres Market is not Hosting a Dia De Los Muertos Market

Updated: Sep 19, 2018

Mujeres Market is a Los Angeles-based market that gathers local womxn of color entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and collectives to display their work. Mujeres Market also includes vendors from the gender-nonconforming and transgender community. Members of Nalgona Positivity Pride and Eastside Cafe put together Mujeres Market every couple of months to celebrate the resiliency, talent, and hustle that exists in these communities. Mujeres Market is hosted at Eastside Cafe, a Zapatista inspired, autonomous community space in El Sereno.

El Dia De Los Muertos is a traditional event celebrated through out Latin America rooted in indigenous practices. Within the last few years, we have witness this celebration expand and even be featured in a recent Disney movie. With the popularity of what some people consider a "holiday" we have seen this honorable remembrance become a spectacle and lose meaning. Some community groups have taken the opportunity to create profitable marketplaces with skyrocket vending fees that are not even accessible to vendors whose countries of origin celebrate the traditional commemoration. We have witnessed this tradition be shared with others that do not care about brown* people and appropriate culture that does not belong to them.

As a group we believe this event should be community-based and intimate. That is why Eastside Cafe has moved away from A Dia De Los Muertos themed market and chosen a Fall Festivities market on October 6th and October 7th. Additionally, Nalgona Positivity Pride will no longer vend in any Dia De Los Muertos events.

We hope you all have a lovely Dia De Los Muertos. Thank you for the love and support.

* Referring to the mixed descendants of the original peoples of (what is considered today) the Americas.

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Credit: Los Angeles Magazine

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