Mujeres Market

Mujeres Market (MM) is a Southern California based market that gathers local womxn of color entrepreneurs, artists, writers, and collective to display and sell their work. MM is curated by Nalgona Positivity Pride and will soon hit the road. Our goal is to celebrate the resiliency, talent, and hustle that exists in these communities. 

Support Your local WoC and qtpoc vendors

"We create Mujeres Market because there are many unglorified Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) artists and hustlers. I believe in creating our own opportunities to disrupt what is no longer needed and create community. Although we detest capitalism, we believe in supporting BIPOC economies so that genderqueer individuals and transgender people, and womxn don't have to depend on: shitty partners, abusive family, and crappy jobs. We believe in the resiliency and talent that exists in our communities."

Upcoming Mujeres Markets

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