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- womxn of color small businesses

- event planning

- support group planning

- social media 

- branding 

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Consulting services for womxn of color entrepreneurs, eating disorders providers, & entrepreneurs with a social justice lens

Gloria offers special consulting services on the following areas:

- Event planning such as markets and social events, and community events

- social media growth

- branding 

- public speaking

- how to organize support groups 

- t-shirt business

- Business growth 

And more...

Consulting session will include:

- action steps/notes

- branding workbook

- npp's secret tools for success


$100 for 1hr session. 

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Sarah Thompon, Resilient Fat Goddex

Gloria Lucas was extremely helpful with sharing information on what would help me build my speaking engagements. She let me know what her processes are and how to improve my social media. Gloria was super supportive and encouraging. Anyone looking to grow their small business could benefit from consultation with Gloria!

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Gloria helped me think of new ideas to implement and helped me envision future projects for myself that I didn’t think about before. It was great to have someone give me feedback and help me clarify changes I need to make.

Melissa Martinez, Vegancitas

Gloria was extremely easy to talk to. She gave insight from a different perspective on what I can improve on my business and projects, as well as giving support and assistance to WOC in small businesses to help us grow and thrive professionally.

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