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Schedule your Coffee date with Gloria

Let me be your online event fairy godmother. 

A coffee date with me is a VIP virtual consulting session curated to your needs. I can cover any of the following with you: 

  • VIP brainstorming session to design an irresistible online event for your target audience

  • Gain insight on the resources that I use to make a relevant and effective online event for your followers

  • Learn how to use Zoom and it's features to maximize your guests experience 

  • Learn the tricks I use to avoid unnecessary administrative work when setting up your online event

  • Create a compelling and impactful webinar or itinerary for your online event.

  • Choose the right medium for your audience webinar, Instagram Live, e-course?

  • Choose the right platform, Zoom, Teachable, or Instagram

  • How to monetize your next online event 

  • Increase attendance for your next online event and gain social media followers

Schedule your online 1 hr coffee date with gloria for a sliding scale rate of

$75 - $100 

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