join our business growth program for womxn of color entrepreneurs
CALLING non-cookie cutter womxn of color entrepreneurs who are not playing games in 2020

Application deadline Saturday 1/18/2020


This is a specially curated program designed for womxn of color entrepreneurs to receive peer-to-peer support & structured hands-on learning so you can build the professional confidence to charge what you deserve & find a business life balance that works. 

Members meet in an open, supportive environment on a regular basis to share ways to overcome obstacles that inhibit growth, mental blocks, & receive guidance on new business ideas. Meetings are held online every 2 weeks. Members may not miss more than 1 meeting.





























  1. Niche Down Your Changarro (Small Business) 

  2. Create Your Short & Sweet Business Pitch

  3. Get Your Numbers Right! Confidently Charge What You Deserve

  4. Plan Your CEO Day: A Day Of Long-term, Strategic Planning 



  1. Achieve Your IG Baddie Instagram (Pero For Your Business)

  2. Ensure Your Website Is Effective For Your Business

  3. Get Your Business Cards, Flyers, Etc. On Point

  4. F*ck It, Press Send! Perfection Is The Enemy For Your Success 



  1. Clear Your Business Mental Blocks, Mija

  2. Revitalize Your Business Through Boundaries

  3. Design Your Ideal Business Work Space 

  4. Celebrate Your Wins For Ongoing Success

Copy of Copy of Business Accountability
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who should apply?

  • Have already made a sale
  • Need extra support & community to talk about business 
  • Want a space to nurture new business ideas into reality
  • Operate with a social justice lens 
  • Advocate for communities in the margins 
  • Hate capitalism & want to/or have quit their day job
  • Are committed to a sustainable work/life blend
Copy of Copy of Business Accountability
Copy of Copy of Business Accountability

How will you benefit?

  • Access to recordings of all sessions 
  • Access to BAG's actionable worksheets, including Nalgona Positivity Pride's Tools for Success
  • Weekly Virtual Workspace for extra support & to get sh*t done
  • Receive priority status on Mujeres Market vendor application
  • Receive business shout out on NPP's IG 
  • Obtain special training for a CEO day for optimal business planning
  • Break the isolation that exists among activists & social justice entrepreneurs
  • Receive support, encouragement, & expand your ideas with a powerful group 
  • Tap into the collective for new perspectives, resources, & opportunities
  • Create new & innovative streams of income
  • Receive assistance in focusing your energy
Copy of Copy of Business Accountability

Led By: 

Copy of About Us.png
Copy of About Us.png

In January 2019, Gloria launched the first-ever Business Accountability Group. Gabby is an Alumni of the first cohort & helped facilitate the second cohort. Now, they have created a special 6-month program that combines Gloria's expertise in creating unique, creative revenue & Gabby's exceptional hands-on facilitation. 


Gloria has a background in sexual health education & substance abuse services for women & transgender folks. In 2014, she founded Nalgona Positivity Pride from years of dealing with the lack of womxn of color representation in the eating disorder awareness community. Gloria has given 100+ lectures across North America on historical trauma & eating disorders, created an affirming clothing line that centers fat bodies, & has hosted dozens of highly-attended events. In addition, Nalgona Positivity Pride has been featured in NPR, Bitch Magazine, Oprah Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, & Teen Vogue. 


Gabby started her career in the Inland Empire of Southern California working in youth development & student engagement. She then moved to Ecuador where she coordinated international education programs for two years. Additionally, she has travelled to Spain, Argentina, Mexico, & Colombia. During BAG 2019, The Chicana Career Coach was born. Gabby provides career & business services for WOC to get support, get organized, & get paid. BAG helped Gabby serve dozens of international clients through services such as resume writing & financial limpias. Her clients have accepted jobs at international nonprofits, obtained salary increases, paid off credit card debt, & landed Director-level roles.


Our Values 

Public is better than perfect

Respectability politics not required

We have a culture of referrals

Let's hire each other, recommend others, & promote so we can secure the bag with BAG

F*ck capitalism, we grow in community 

We are fat positive <3 

Copy of Copy of Business Accountability
Copy of Copy of Business Accountability

BAG Details

Duration: 6 months 
Frequency: Every 2 weeks 
Session Length: 1 hour 
Total Group Sessions: 12 hours 
Designed to be held in small, confidential groups. 
Virtually held via Zoom, an online conferencing platform. 
If selected, must be available 2/1/2020 for the first meeting. 
All future meetings will be scheduled on an ongoing basis. 
Cost: $200 Monthly or $1000 Paid in Full (Save $200 & get one month free) 
Application deadline: Saturday 1/18/2020
Application Fee: $25 BAG alumni and referrals get application fee waived 
Copy of Copy of Business Accountability


How Much Does It Cost? 

$200 Monthly or $1000 Paid in Full (Save $200 & get one month free)


Are the Meetings in Person?

All meetings are held online via Zoom


Can Anyone Apply?

People from different states & countries are welcome to apply. WoC BAG is open to BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) only.


How Long is The Program?

6 months 


Will I Be Able to Receive Feedback from Gloria from Nalgona Positivity Pride?



Where Do I Apply?

When is the deadline to apply?

Jan 18th

This is a specially curated program for a limited amount of womxn of color entrepreneurs. Apply Now!